just to keep track

(ok jeez, i’m really bad at blogging. how can i keep this consistent??? not that people read this, but i’m pretty disappointed in my continual inability to keep this up!!! it’s been 5-8 years since i first tried my hand at blogging and i am still crap—— lol anyways)

i’m going on a trip to paris / barcelona in late may. having never left the states, i’m pretty excited! i’ve been spending some $$ in preparation, and i know i’ll be spending some good $$ there too… i like it tho 

even though they’re small purchases, i’m v excited about what i ordered on amazon this weekend: pink baggu duck bag, every good endeavor – tim keller, portable charger, skincare stuff

platinum nike air vapormax looks so good… bc i wear my nike af1’s so often, i’m almost getting tired of them… looking for a good new go to shoe? 


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