mmm. one prominent fact about me is that i love love love sushi. what’s better than sushi? sushi bowls. even better? poké bowls! silly me didn’t know where to find any good poké in nyc for a year and a half, until i found •pokéworks• on yelp. 80~90 reviews. must be pretty good, i thought. and then i delayed going for a month because i have this thing where if there’s somewhere i really want to go / i have high expectations for, i push it back for the perfect opportunity. it’s weird, kind of ridiculous. i should just go right away, but i push back a potentially amazing discovery bc i feel like my experience has to be perfect.

anyways, i checked yelp again to get the location and BAM 400 reviews. 400? weren’t there just 90 like a month ago? and then i remembered that insider featured its sushi burritos… insider…. you’re a blessing and a curse. after finishing up my work study shift, i headed over to 37th and 6th. right by chik fil a! there was a line, which was only minorly annoying. worth the wait tho

they packed!! my bowl with many many free add-ons. i pretty much got everything that was free… bc i wanted to get my money’s worth lol. there were also a lot of sauce options: i went for sriracha aoli after asking the dude making my bowl what he preferred. and i stuck with it 😍😍 so good

if you want to sit down and eat, you’re gonna have to wait a while – or walk to a seating area in herald square. pokéworks is one of those – excuse the cliche –  “hole in the wall” places.

so it was a miracle that just as i got done paying, a seat opened up. *cue the heavenly music* it was so good… i only got full halfway bc the portion was so big, and then i went home. after the 30 minute subway ride, i fell asleep on my bed as i trued to finish my deliciously packed bowl. not good!!! raw fish left out is no good at all!!! there was still so much left… and i had to throw it out! so sad!!!!!

i went two more times. after a crappy day, i had to treat myself to the $11 meal. i was smart: i got a little bit less ingredients- just a little bc all the add-ons are honestly so good- and didn’t even open my bowl until i got home. then i scooped some onto another plate, and stuck the rest in the freezer because i knew i’d get another portion within 5 minutes. and i did, i finished the whole bowl. if you can call that smart. 

 after this, i went one more time before the end if the semester knowing that i wouldn’t have it for a long long time.

now that i’m back home in new jersey, i’m craving sushi / poké bowls so much… 

here are some other places i’ve eaten sashimi bowls (the name keeps changing sorry):

^ food gallery 32 in koreatown

comes with a lot of cabbage / lettuce, making it a pretty big portion. my dad came the city one day and he bought lunch. usually i would get the donkatsu (what he got) and he would get the 회덥밥 (•hwedupbap• sushi on rice… sushi bowl, essentially). but we switched this time around 😋

^ épice cafe in front of fit 27 and 7

9 bucks for a smaller bowl of lettuce, seaweed salad, avocado, wasabi, ginger, and lots of salmon and tuna.

^ hanamichi in koreatown

i got the katsudon, which i’d never had but always wanted to try. total japanese comfort food. i can see myself wanting to eat these on a cold afternoon. i can’t pinpoint the flavor… udon? 

me: dad, was ur sashimi bowl good?

dad: *glances over and nods*


(somehow this turned into a review of different sushi bowls… i just wanted to share my cravings hah)


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